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  • FREE Rain Guard application ($60.00 Value)
    Our unique Rain Guard system fills the microscopic cracks in your windows to protect from rain for months.
  • Water-fed pole cleaning using pure water that dries to a spot-free finish!
  • Screens completely cleared of debris
  • Mild hard water removal
  • Heavy-duty hard water removal available on request
Window Pane
Residential window washing and cleaning services

Your windows are an essential part of your home. Get them spic-and-span with our window-cleaning services in South Jordan, Utah.

Water Droplet
Commercial window cleaning services

Keeping your windows clean is an important part of making sure your business’ exterior sparkles. Give your customers the right message by using our window-washing services.

Blinds cleaning and hard water removal

No job or job site is too dirty for our professional staff. You can rest assured that our services will thoroughly clean your blinds, removing any hard water stains in the process.

Making your windows clean and shiny

Many home and property owners in Utah overlook the windows when they clean. Regular window cleaning is important! Maintained windows offer various benefits, from enhancing the overall appearance of the building to prolonging your windows’ life span.

If you need a reliable window cleaning company from South Jordan, Lehi and the surrounding areas, turn to Utah’s Window Washing. Our unique water-fed pole cleaning system ensures that your windows and frames are spotless.

We use water that has been filtered six times: first through our five-stage reverse osmosis filtration process, then through a filter that de-ionizes the water. The resulting water is so pure that it leaves no marks. Additionally, we don’t use any ladders or lifts; we do our window cleaning from the safety of the ground.

When you want your windows spotless, get in touch with us and get a free quote. We make your windows immaculate.

Our unique water fed pole system

Utah Window Cleaning uses water-fed pole cleaning, a system on the cutting edge of window cleaning technology. A water-fed pole system uses de-ionized water filtration and reverse osmosis water treatment to produce 100% pure water. The result is a sparkling clean window every time. These filtration processes are environmentally friendly as well, and use no chemicals or detergents. Pure water dries to a spot-free finish.

So many uses!

Our water-fed pole system can be used to clean awnings, signs, storefronts, gutters, garage doors and more. If it’s exterior, we can clean it.

Additionally, we can access areas too difficult or even impossible to reach with a ladder. What’s best is that we never have to leave the ground! Since we use lightweight, pure carbon fiber poles, we can clean windows and frames up to 110 feet high.

Click here to learn more about our water fed pole window cleaning system!

The ultimate clean

The absence of sticky soap residue on your windows means that dirt will find it harder to stick to the glass, and so the windows stay cleaner for longer. Quite frankly, de-ionized water gives much better cleaning results.


  • Less residue from soaps
  • Less time spent cleaning windows
  • More money in your pockets!

The benefits and advantages of clean windows

Many people overlook windows when they are completing cleaning tasks, or they may only clean their windows every once in a while. Clean windows have many benefits, ranging from your building’s overall appearance to improving the efficiency of your home.


A regular maintenance routine should include window cleaning, and it is best if windows are cleaned at least once a month. Clean windows make both the exterior and interior of a building more appealing. For a home, clean windows will make the house look well-maintained and cared for. For a business, clean windows indicate that the owner is conscientious and will take care of even the smallest details. This can be very enticing for customers.

Window cleaning before and after

The interior of a home will look clean and tidy when smudges and dirt have been removed from glass. Sunlight will be able to stream through the windows without shadows being cast from water deposits or fingerprints. Shiny windows will also invite guests to sit back and enjoy the warm and cozy environment. The interior of a business environment will also benefit from clean windows. Products and displays can be seen more clearly by consumers, which will encourage them to visit the shop.

Maintain the quality of your windows

By performing regular window cleaning tasks, you ensure that your windows will have a long life. Many environmental contaminants, such as acid rain, hard water and oxidation, can damage windows over time.

When you regularly clean your windows, you remove the materials that could cause the glass to break down or become weaker. You will be less likely to need glass restoration in the future, which will save you quite a bit of money.

Efficiency and effective window washing tips

Windows are more efficient when they are cleaned properly.

Dirt and grime can prevent sunlight from warming the house naturally during winter. Insects can eat through window screens and have access to the interior of the building. Dirt and dead bugs can accumulate in the sill of the window, which may prevent the window from sealing correctly. Oxidation and weathering of frames can cause minor air or water leaks.

These leaks could cause fogging and condensation on the inside of the windows and may lead to mold or mildew on the windows. All of these problems keep your windows from being as effective as possible. When you clean them thoroughly, you remove the materials that could interfere with how well your windows insulate and protect your home.


When you have clean windows, you are able to be more comfortable in your home or office. You will not be distracted by the smudges or grime that accumulates on the glass, and you will be able to thoroughly enjoy the view from your windows.

Extremely reliable window washing South Jordan to Lehi 1

Clean windows allow you to bask in warm sunlight without worrying about all of the spots or smears that can interfere. You won’t feel embarrassed when visitors or customers stop by because you will know that your windows are as shiny as possible. Clean, shiny windows contribute to an atmosphere that is tidy and inviting.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of clean windows, call us. Our window cleaning professionals will safely remove all of dirt and grime that has accumulated on your windows. We have all of the tools and supplies necessary to ensure that your windows are spotless and shiny for your comfort and enjoyment.

Don’t worry about it!

So yes, it’s very important to clean your windows regularly. And sure, you could clean your own windows the old fashion way. But you’ll be doing it a lot more often if you don’t have access to our pure water system.

Besides, it’s stressful to keep on top of window cleaning, and you probably work enough already! Leave the window cleaning to us!

Who are we?

We are Utah’s best window cleaners!

We’re a family-owned and -operated business – always have been, always will be. We’ve made a science of window washing – from residential to industrial sites. Put simply, washing windows is our life’s work.

We employ a simple three-step process:

  1. Assessment
    We look at your windows and evaluate how long the job will take and what equipment we’ll need.
  2. Set a date
    We set up a time for cleaning that works for you.
  3. Clean
    We remove all dust and dirt from your windows and frames.

Learn more about Utah’s Window Washing or give us a call now and see what a difference we can make for you!


Kerry C

They’ve cleaned my windows at least 3 times now because I LOVE having clean windows and screens. They are quick, efficient and do a thorough job. We have high windows that I can’t reach, but they can! They also remove hard water stains left by the sprinklers. I will continue to use them about every 6 months to keep my windows CLEAN from the dirt, rain and bugs.

Kerry C.

Cindy S

This company was awesome to work with. They got us scheduled during a busy time and were very courteous of my sleeping baby. We had Spencer and Hannah come out and they were both very professional as well as friendly.

Cindy S.

Joshua B

They did a fantastic job on my Home, their cleaning techniques are exceptional. I would highly recommend them.

Joshua B.

Erica D

Ontime, big deal to me! More important they did an amazing job. Was a bit skeptical about this water fed machine they use some times but WOW my windows actually look better than they have ever looked washed awesome system! Recommended

Erica D.

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